AuraHeart™ Performance Characteristics

Updated: February 7, 2017

Performance characteristics of the AuraHeart heart rate app are listed below. Accuracy is affected by a number of factors. These performance characteristics are not guaranteed and are provided for informational purposes only. Performance may vary by user or session. These characteristics are developed through an in-house study of 480 comparisons across 164 individuals at rest with AuraHeart HR measurements sequentially compared to pulse rate measurements from a clinically-validated blood pressure cuff device.

Heart Rate Range†:

  • 39-240 (bpm)

Heart Rate Accuracy*:

  • Mean: 1.3 (bpm)
  • SD: 3.4 (bpm)
  • RMSD: 3.6 (bpm)
  • Pearson: r=0.968 (P<0.0001)

† AuraHeart will not produce readings outside of this range. Do not attempt to use AuraHeart to produce a reading outside of this range. If you intend to measure heart rate outside of this range, AuraHeart is not suitable for your use.

* Mean = mean difference compared to reference, SD = standard deviation of difference, RMSD = root mean squared deviation, Pearson r = Pearson correlation coefficient between AuraHeart and reference.